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A brief look at one of the ways Nespresso use intelligent email marketing to continuously engage their customer.

Today we visited the Nespresso store to resupply our office coffee machine with coffee pods. While the in-store experience is usally great, today it was a little under-whelming, mostly because the normal store is being renovated and the temporary location is a tiny, popup kiosk in the middle of the shopping centre.

Unusual, since almost all marketing, communication and correspondance I’ve received from Nespresso has been clever, effective and well considered.

After ordering 14 sleeves of coffee pods (10 Roma and 4 Volluto – in case you’re wondering), I arrived back at the studio, restocked the shelf with coffee and upon sitting back down at my desk discovered an email from Nespresso. The subject line reads “Nespresso – Your alert: Machine descaling”.

The body of the email goes on to point out that we had previously asked Nespresso to remind us when our machine would require descaling. It explains that the recomendation is to descale the machine every 600 coffees and today, we reached this 600 capsule limit.

The cleverness of this event triggered marketing email is that it arrives in my inbox at a time when Nespresso are in the front of my mind. It offers me a solution to the problem (descaling my coffee machine) by upselling me a “descaling kit” that I can order online.

The take home from this experience?

As business owners, we should all endeavour to provide similar experiences to our customers – whether you use a tool like Mailchimp to automate email marketing based on events, or if you just send poignant and timely emails to your customers, the thing to remember is: put yourself in the customer’s shoes and deliver them a message that first and foremost is interesting or helpful to them and secondly (but almost of equal importance) – offers them an easy path to purchase from you again.

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