We are a creative team led by digital specialist Alex Holt and print specialist Hillary Jayne who work together to produce outstanding results for your business- online and offline.

If you want the best possible result for your business, you want to work with an expert. You wouldn’t hire a lawyer to build you a house or a carpenter to do your hip surgery, so why would you hire a graphic designer to build you a website or a programmer to design you a business card?

We are a small team led by a print expert and a digital wizard that work under the same roof, producing outstanding print based graphic design and digital, web, mobile, social media and other online projects. Digital and Print integration is our specialty.

We’re Global.

Not in the “lots of offices and overheads” sense, but rather in the client location and experience sense. We work with clients in the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia on a regular basis. Some might call us a global boutique studio.

That means you pay for our services alone, not the bells and whistles that other agencies on-charge to their clients. If you prefer to communicate via a chain of account directors and project managers, receptionists and interns, we’re probably not the agency for you. However, if you want to talk to the person producing your brand + digital design & marketing magic, give us a call!

Project Types

Branding & Identity




Web Design


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"YES! You nailed it!!!!!!!!!!"

− Scott Ryan, Hostelzoo

"Alex is one of the hardest working most dedicated tech leads I have met. Always willing to go the extra mile and great at coming up with creative solutions to tricky problems.."

− Seb Bench, Exposure

"Hillary impressed us with her organised and thorough approach. Every task was completed beyond expectation, in a fast-paced environment and with very little assistance."

− Annette Wilms, Le Book London

"Alex, you are a star, not least for putting up with all my pernickety requests with such calm and grace!"

− Paul Sussman - Author

"Hillary was a pleasure to work with as she was incredibly diligent, trustworthy and creative, as well as being a nice person. Those are all good qualities individually, but rarely found together in one person."

− Peter Howarth, Show Media